Products to keep the flakes at bay!

I have been busy searching high and low on some awesome products that will help in the ever growing maintenance of psoriasis.

So far a couple of products have won me over and are now a big part of my psoriasis free routine.

I would suggest with the products shown that you take samples as what works for someone might not work as well for others.

All time favorite – THE OLIVE BRANCH – Lush


This olive oil based shower gel is perfect for cleaning and conditioning the skin without leaving it feeling dry and ripped from its natural oils like soap does.

I had a problem for a while finding a product that would leave that soap clean feeling on my skin which became uncomfortable and dry. This has been my number one soap product for two years now and I’ve never gone back!

Scalp Psoriasis, de-flake and condition. – ROOTS – Lush


If you have a de-flaking routine with your psoriasis care then this product will be your SAVIOR! Its a mega mega creamy scalp treatment that’s infused with mint which leaves the psoriasis laden itchy scalp cool and refreshed. It really lifts off the scales and conditions the new skin underneath, perfect for coming out weeks worth of skin.


This also works great as a conditioner for the hair, applying it to the ends after your shampoo or leaving it in for a while for a super conditioning treatment.

These products are found at any LUSH  shop or here > Lush – When in the shop please ask for samples of these products to try at home first.

Products here are 100% all natural ingredients and are hand made by the lovely people in your Lush store!


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