One of my biggest things that has come up in my healing journey is how much I actually LOVE chocolate, and really I can’t eat it. (Well not the rubbish stuff anyway)

This kind of went with everything. I loved it but can’t really eat the rubbish version of it.

Like pasta carbonara – LOVE IT but can’t eat the cream, gluten, ect. But actually if you replace the pasta with spelt pasta* and Dairy free Cheese cream then job’s a gooden! You can have your cake and eat it! (As long as it’s gluten free!)

So I’ve found that you can substitute pretty much everything to make a psoriasis friendly version of it. I’m putting some of my favourite products that you can find in any big supermarket or health food shop. Some are naughty and some are nice.


Here’s a list of the products I can recommend that are safe for psoriasis sufferer’s in the UK.

These products are on top of your allowed fruits and vegetables and should be used in moderation. I’ll be putting up a recommended fruit’s and veg yes and no’s soon.


Please feel free to add any products that you use and works for you!! Suggestions are appreciated.


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