Where to begin?!


When anyone is starting a healing  journey they need to be ready for big changes.

They need to ask themselves 3 main questions…

  • Do I Want to change?
  • Am I ready to change?
  • Am I ready to work hard?

Living with a disease is tough enough as it is, do we really want to be putting ourselves through more misery or hard work? Do we need to work even harder for a condition We’ve had all our lives?

YES, nothing that’s worth having comes easy, and for us that applies to our skin.

I suggest that before anyone undergoes any radical changes in their life, for the better or worse that they ask themselves these three questions. That they ready themselves for an emotional and physical journey and be willing to learn.

This blog is intended to be used for people who like me are on a journey of health. People who want to be better and are actively looking for ways to help themselves. This blog wont do anything for you unless your willing to try and have an open mind.

I’m not a doctor, all I am is a sufferer of this skin disorder we share, and all information I put on here is correct to my knowledge and not of that of a health professional. (Unless Quoted)

So now all that’s out the way…let’s begin..

Oh and I’m a Circus performer, so I might mention that abit in this blog too!


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