Scales on Scales


Psora – “Itch” , Psoriasis meaning – a common chronic, inflammatory skin disease characterized by scaly patches. – Dictionary.

Unlike this very simple dictionary annotation of Psoriasis, it’s actually a very complicated deep rooted problem that takes quite a bit of explaining.

If your looking for the deep scientific argy bargy of it all I suggest reading Dr John’s book on healing psoriasis which is where I began my journey of health…

And to be honest everyone who has psoriasis should buy this book to fully understand the disease that you have and understand where it comes from and how it affects you.

Buy it here –


Long story short you have something that we call “leaky gut syndrome”. It means that the lining of your guts are thin and porous allowing toxins to seep through your guts, missing out your liver (the thing that filters everything) and head straight into your main stream. By this point your skin kinda goes “Oh shit, I’ll help out by trying to filter them myself!” (skin being the biggest organ on the body.) Thus ending upon a build up of plaque and dead skin cells.

The “bad” psoratic gene is the one that affects the immune system allowing the guts to become porous. Not only this but a mixture of high acidic diet and poor health will end up with a psoriasis sufferer head to toe with the cruel scales.

Once again I’ll mention Dr John’s book where he fully and clearly explains all the ins and outs of the psoratic body.

But what is I’m not covered? I only have a little bit on my elbows and tons in my scalp. I’m healthy, I’m a circus performer for god sake! So why do I still have it?!

Well self, You have it because what you see on your skin or scalp has taken a long time even years to develop to what it is now, “bad skin”. The toxins have been building up in your system so much that now it has to come out somewhere.

So now..

Psoriasis – Psora – “itch” – An auto immune disease that affects the “guts” of a sufferer due to over toxicity causing plaques to build up on the surface of the skin.

Well now that makes a bit more sense.


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